Line & Dot Angelina Fur Jacket

Joe’s Flare Jeans (similar black flare)

Forever21 Striped Turtleneck

Chanel Wallet on a Chain

Flares are back! And luckily I kept some of my favorite
pairs from when this trend was popular a few years ago. Never throw away or
sell your jeans because every type of style ends up coming back sooner or
later. I know we’ll never get sick of our skinny jeans but for some reason when
I put these on I instantly felt like my outfit looked fresh and new. Changing
it up is always a good thing. The other day I actually read that Vogue listed
flares as the new cropped trouser for Spring 15. 70s are trending in a big way
and this is a subtle way to incorporate the 70s vibe into your wardrobe. I also
must mention that I bought this Forever21 turtleneck tee in 4 colors. It’s the perfect
layering basic for every outfit. For $9 each I couldn’t resist just getting
every color that it came in.