Leather Track Pants 424 Fifth (similar here)

Zara Cognac Sweater

Surell Fox Fur Multicolored Scarf

Prada Chain Wallet

Rachel Roy Oxfords

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a “simple” dresser but
lately I love basic looks. This outfit is comprised of some of my favorite staple
items to create what (for me at least) is pretty simple.  I paired these black leather track pants with
a plain sweater and fur scarf to soften it up. The bright touches of color in
the scarf help make the outfit more feminine. With the entire fashion world
turning casual, a pair of oxfords is a must. Oxfords are a great shoe to wear
all day at work; they’re effortlessly trendy and actually comfortable! An easy way
to make simple outfits look fresh is to top them off with a cross body bag. I’m
a big advocate for wallet on a chain bags. If you’re on the go and all you need
is some money and credit cards these come in handy. Especially because most of
my handbags are really heavy and carrying those around for hours can suck. The
most obvious reason for wallet on a chain bags is for going out or going to
dinner. Change things up and use your “night out” bags during the day!



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