Why I Love Forever21

forever21 plaid coat, dressed for dreams

joie jemina boots, dressed for dreams

celine belt bag, fur ball keychain, dressed for dreams

adrienne landau keychain

forever21 beanie outfit, dressed for dreams

Forever21 Plaid Coat
Forever21 Classic Ribbed Beanie
Forever21 Sunglasses
Topshop High Neck Dress
Joie Jemina Over the Knee Boots
Adrienne Landau Fur Keychain
Celine Beltbag

If you’ve been following along I’m sure you know by now that I’m a big fan of Forever21. You really can’t beat their prices and I love the more sophisticated direction they’ve been going in. Of course I appreciate the small, unique brands out there but when someone says they refuse to shop at Forever21 because of the poor quality it bugs me. Just because their apparel is inexpensive doesn’t always mean the quality isn’t as good as a brand that charges double. Certain items definitely look better than others so it’s all about knowing the best materials to buy.

Forever21’s business model is to take a small mark up on their products and sell everything in huge quantities. Think about how when a brand sells to a store they need to mark up their products and then the store needs to sell them to us for even more money. So don’t always associate inexpensive with no value. I’ve loved a lot of their authentic suede pieces. Where else can you find a real suede trench for under $100! Their selection online is much better and it’s easier to shop. Whenever I walk into one of their stores I do feel pretty over whelmed. When this coat arrived I was so happy with the quality for the price, such a good find. 


Photos by LoveNYCStyle