The Camel Coat

women's camel coat

ditto sunglasses, rent sunglasses

burgundy fur stole,

celine ivory box bag

faux fur stole

Remember last week’s post when I spoke about the ease of a monochrome look? This week I decided to try pairing 2 different camel shades together and I think it looks so chic! I added my burgundy fur stole (that’s 2 headbands put together) for a little bit of color.

These sunnies are from Ditto, a website that allows you to rent sunglasses. How amazing! Use code DRESSED4DREAMS for your 1st month free. Have a great weekend everyone!


Camel Coat

Camel Dress

Sunglasses (rented, use code DRESSED4DREAMS for your 1st month free)

Fur Stole

Ankle Boots

Celine Box Bag



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