Gift Guide for Him

Rounding up some gift ideas for the man in your life. I had Matt (my boyfriend) approve all of these items because I have to admit he might be more fashionable than me these days!
1.     Watch Holder– I feel like watches are like handbags to men so obviously, a classy place to hold all of them is a must. I love how this one is monogrammed which feels much more personal, especially for a gift.
2.     Art of Shaving– Guys apparently swear by this brand. Such a great add on gift to make your guy feel pampered.
3.     Hershel Backpack– I love the grey/black combo of this backpack & the price just makes it a no brainer. Great as a gym bag or for holding your laptop & candy for a flight.
4.     Luggage– A chic piece of luggage is something your guy might not have yet and could encourage more traveling together 😉
5.     Armani Fashion Watch–  Love the look of this watch & the oversized face is very chic.
6.     Armani Hybrid Smartwatch–   One of the most fashionable looking smartwatches I’ve seen, functional and doesn’t look too sporty. You can control your music and receive smartphone notifications, I kind of want one of these for myself!
7.     Acne Scarf– An easy way to get your guy to look more fashion forward (and you could totally steal this to wear too)
8.     Ugg Slippers– I feel like this is something your man wouldn’t buy for himself but once he has them he never takes them off.


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